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WALKING WITH ME” Membership:  only for graduation photos. You will receive $20 per referral completed 

**Completed means the person you referred has paid in full and provided your membership ID number**


To enter this membership  program, you must purchase the “I’M GRADUATING FROM THIS “INSTITUTION”, BUT, NOT FROM MY “FRIENDS package or the “DANG, I’M GETTING OLD” package.

 “Once you finish your final payment, you automatically become a member. With being a member, you receive a card and a unique member id number (indicated on the card). With this membership you will automatically participate in the referral initiative/incentive. With this referral incentive, you will receive $20 back for each referral you make to my photography services. You can make up to 10 referrals while receiving $20 each time. In order to receive the $20, the person you referred must provide your membership ID number and pay in full for their photography session. 

Within 7 days (Max) after their photography session you will receive $20 via the cash app. 


You can make money buy spending money. Think about it, if you refer 6 people (and they pay in full), you will receive $120 back.  That’s all of the money you spent on you photography session, if you chose the second  package). You are more than just a customer, this is a partnership.

**The “WALK WITH ME” packages only is permissible for graduation packages. This will not be offered for any other type of photography (such as, wedding, event, or portrait photography).**


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